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News Flash: Trump Has Terrible Premonition- Drops Out Of Race

In a stunning development this morning, Melania Trump announced that her husband is dropping out of the presidential race.

When asked why, a clearly shaken Mrs. Trump said, “Donald had such a terrible dream last night that it has made him reconsider whether he wants to become President.”

Mrs. Trump went on to explain. “Donald dreamt that it was our first night in the Trump House- our name for the newly gold-plated White House.” “After putting up his hair and getting into our triple king-size bed, he started tossing and turning- becoming very anxious about being the President of the United States.”

Melania continued. “Then, in his dream, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln came into the bedroom.”

Melania continued. “Donald asked each of them for advice as to the best thing he could do for America as its President.”

“First, George Washington stepped forward and said, “Mr. Trump- my advice is to observe good faith and justice toward all nations, and cultivate peace and harmony with all.”

“Donald told George, “Even though you have a beautiful head of hair, you are a loser.”

“Then Donald asked Thomas Jefferson for his advice. Mr. Jefferson responded, “President Trump, you must enlighten the people and if you do, tyranny and oppression will vanish.”

“Donald told Jefferson, “Tommy boy, with advice like that, I am going to get one of my construction crews to smash your face off of Mount Rushmore.”

“Then it was Lincoln’s turn and Donald said to him, “I hope you have better advice for me than those other two.”

“Lincoln slowly took off his top-hat, sat down on our bed and said, “Mr. Trump, do you really want me to tell you what is the best thing you can do for this country?”

“Donald nodded his head, “yes.”

Abe said, “Go see a play.”


PS Thanks Kyle for this….

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