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De Niro And Trump To Make New Movie

At a post-trial joint press conference today in New York City, Robert De Niro and Donald Trump announced that they will be producing a new movie together- Meet the Trumps.

Said De Niro, “After speaking to Donald and hearing more about his family dynamics, I thought a sequel to Meet the Fockers would have audiences rolling in the aisles.” De Niro continued, “It will include all the Trumps, even Melania, if anyone can find her.”

Trump weighed in on the De Niro collaboration. “Even though he is a radical Hollywood Socialist, I thought it was a good idea, particularly as my entire family idolizes me.” Trump continued, “I will of course be the star of this big beautiful movie. As unbelievable as it seems, It took a while to convince that Goomba that I am a far better actor than he is.”

Donald Trump Junior is excited about the project, saying, “I think it will be great for me and Ivanka to finally work with my dad on something legitimate.” When asked what roles Trump’s other children could play, Donald Jr. responded, “He has other children?”

Rumors have surfaced that Trump wants Ivanka to play his wife in the movie. The source told us, “This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as he has said in the past that he wanted to date her.”

We tracked down Stormy Daniels and asked her if she would be interested in playing a supporting actress role. Said Daniels, “Of course not, I only do classy movies.”

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