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New Flag Flies Over Supreme Court

Washington DC residents and tourists arose yesterday morning to the sight of an upside down American flag flying over the Supreme Court building.

The flag has come to symbolize the, so called, Stop the Steal movement.

By the afternoon, hundreds of people were gathered in the streets surrounding the nation’s highest court. John Hicks, a MAGA supporter visiting from Pierre South Dakota said, “It’s about time the Supreme Court got it’s act together and took a stand on something.”

Justice Elena Kagan, one of the three liberal judges on the court, issued a tersely worded statement. “If this is how they’re going to play, bring it on.” She continued, “My Transgender Pride flag is ready to fly, and fly it will.”

On his daily podcast, Tucker Carlson weighed in on the situation, “Frankly, I am a bit disappointed. Hopefully next time they will do the patriotic thing and put up the Russian flag.”

Dozens of reporters were seen camped out in front of Justice Alito’s Fort Hunt, Virginia home where weeks earlier the upside down flag had also waved. After hours of peering out the window, Mrs. Alito stepped out to read a statement. “This had nothing to do with my husband. And I would know, as I make every single decision around here.” She continued, “Heck he was for keeping Roe vs Wade- I had to stay up all night completely re-writing his majority opinion.”

We tracked down Clarence Thomas at a luxury mobile home park in Augusta, Georgia owned by billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow. Said a glowing Thomas, “After all the trips, homes and vehicles Harlan has given me to influence my decisions, I thought I would give him a flag on the house.”

P.S. Congratulations to James Bierman for winning last weekend’s Atkin Files contest. He is the proud owner of a new Trump Pickelball paddle.

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