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News Flash: Benghazi Hearing Abruptly Ends As Chairman’s Mother Says It Is Past Curfew.


The Benghazi hearing came to end last night when committee Chairman Trey Gowdy’s mother called in and told him it was time to come home.

While in the middle of a heated exchange with Mrs. Clinton, Gowdy was interrupted by a staff-member who handed him a note.

Gowdy then announced, “This has been a great Freedom Caucus play-date but mama just called and said that I need to get home and get ready for bed.”

Chairman Gowdy’s mother did confirm that she made the call.  “At 9 p.m. I turned Fox TV back on and lo and behold I saw my little Trey still sittin in that big ol chair all sweaty-like.”

She continued, “So I picked up the phone and told him that it was time to go home.  Plus he knows that Thursday is gumbo and Dukes of Hazzard re-runs night.”

Other members of the committee were stunned. Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff was furious. “I wanted the opportunity to say at least another seventy-two times that this committee is politically motivated.”

Moments after the hearing ended, a source said that Republican Congressman Jim Jordan was so upset that he began foaming at the mouth and acting disoriented. Things calmed down after a doctor was called in and the Congressman was given a rabies shot.

After a grueling eleven hours of testimony, Mrs. Clinton is said to be at home emailing her friends all of the details of today’s proceedings.

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