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News Flash: Debate Shocker. Chase Utley Breaks Hillary Clinton’s Leg


In a stunning development at last night’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, Chase Utley broke Hillary Clinton’s leg.

A still clearly shaken Anderson Cooper said, “Hillary was in the middle of answering one of my softball questions on the Benghazi hearings, when all of a sudden Utley comes barreling in from stage left, slides hard into her podium and sends her flying.”

Despite Mrs. Clinton rolling on the ground and clutching her leg in pain, the debate continued.  Bernie Sanders stated, “This is the clearest example yet of Hillary flipping and flopping. Tonight the American people get to see it live.”

Asked to comment, Congressman Kevin McCarthy said, “Total Hall of fame play. My committee has been trying to take Hillary down for three years and Utley comes in and does it in twenty seconds.”

CNN issued a press release stating that Mr Utley will be suspended for at least two debates.  The Dodgers will likely appeal.

When asked about Clinton’s injury, Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight said, “My calculations had Utley as just a 100 to 1 shot on this. The clear favorite for taking Hillary’s knees out was Sean Hannity.”

According to sources, Mrs. Clinton is resting comfortably at the Trump Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

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