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News Flash: Jeb Bush To Attend Three Month Juilliard Acting Program


At a six person rally in Orlando Florida this morning Jeb Bush announced that he will be taking three months off from campaigning to attend the Julliard School of Performing Arts’ acting program.

“I am about action. The American people have said that my debate performance sucked and now I intend to do something about it.”

A number of Bush backers were happy with the announcement. Said one, “This is great news.  The more Jeb stays off the campaign trail the better he does.”

Even Paul Singer was optimistic. Mr. Singer, a major Bush donor who yesterday switched his support to Rubio, said, “I am now backing Marco but if Jeb nails his performance as the Tin Man he has a shot at winning me back.”

At a campaign stop in Ames Iowa Trump commented, “Look folks, this is not a surprise. Everyone knows that Jeb is low energy and that his campaign is Les Miserables.”

Trump continued,  “I also think Carson should go to Juilliard. Maybe they can actually teach Ben to keep his eyes from rolling back in his head when answering a question.”

When asked if any other Republicans should follow Bush’s example, Hillary Clinton responded.  “I think Mr. Trump is Willy Loman and that by the time we hit South Carolina, America will have seen the Death Of A Salesman.”

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