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News Flash: Kim Jong-un May Be Trump’s Secretary Of State


In the wake of his flattering comments about North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump is said to be actively wooing the “Dear Leader” to become his Secretary of State.

Said Trump, “My base wants me to ride shotgun with someone who is consistent with their conservative values. Although he is a terrible person, Kim is the right man for the job.”

Trump continued, “I mean, you gotta love this guy. Not only doesn’t he let anyone in his country, he doesn’t let them out either. Amazing.”

A Trump spokesman also commented, “Donald likes the fact that Kim has built a huge wall and sets off nuclear weapons for no apparent reason.”

At a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Mr. Trump pointed out that the “Supreme Leader” also knows how to deal decisively with politicians on the other side of the aisle.

Said Trump, “Look folks, this guy wiped out his entire family so he should have no problem taking care of Cruz, Rubio or Sanders.” Trump did caution however that, “The Clintons are on a whole other level.  Hopefully Kim can rise to the occasion.”

Commenting off the record, a wealthy Republican donor said he is intrigued with Donald’s idea.  “We are scared out of our minds about a Trump Presidency.  He is volatile as hell and flip-flops on all major issues. At least with Kim we know what we are getting.”

When asked if anything concerns him about the North Korean strongman, Mr. Trump said, “I told Kim that, Supreme Leader or not, he will have to do something about his hair.”

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