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News Flash: Trump Does Not Refute Amish Training Camps In Vermont

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares

September 20th, 2015-    At a rally this morning in Concord New Hampshire, a Trump supporter claimed that there are active Amish training sites in Vermont. “We have a problem in this country. It is called Amish.” He then posed the question to Trump, “When can we get rid of ’em.” The supporter went on to say that “We know our President is one. You know he is not even an American.”

Trump responded, “Nice try. I am not going to fall into the same trap as I did yesterday with the Muslims.” “The Amish are terrible but I love the Amish and they love me.” Continuing on, Trump did agree that there are issues with ultra radical Amish. “I am looking into this situation but we need to look during the day as these people don’t use electricity, so nighttime is difficult.” Responding to a question concerning what else he found suspicious about the Amish, Trump stated, “I would never ever hire these people to construct anything. I know for a fact that they build their training camps with just a piece of rope and some wood. Can you imagine? It would take them 50 years to build a border wall.”

As to whether President Obama is Amish, “I am not going to fall for that either. Lots and lots of Americans think he is. All I am saying is that I do think it is a little strange that Obama’s security detail uses horse and buggies.”

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