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News Flash: Trump In Mexican Twitter War Over Post-Christmas Return Policies



In an ongoing development, Donald Trump tried to “return” eleven million illegals to Mexico yesterday.  The effort proved unsuccessful as he did not have the original receipts.

This escalated into a full blown Twitter war between Trump and Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto.

Trump fired the first shot when he tweeted, “I told Enrique or Enrico- or whatever his name is- that these were gifts that I did not want and certainly didn’t ask for.” Trump continued, “He then had the nerve to tell me that without all eleven million receipts, I couldn’t send them back.”

In response, Mr. Pena Nieto tweeted, “Mr. Trump, our policy is very clear. If you don’t have proof there is nothing we can do.”

Mr. Nieto continued, “Without proper documentation we have no idea if the merchandise is even from Mexico.  For all we know, many of these gifts were acquired from Guatemala and Honduras.”

The tone of the conversation became heated when Trump fired back, “Enrique is a Mexican bandit.  He knows that most of this came from his country.”  Trump continued, “Also, It was not made at all clear that this was the return policy, no way.”

Mr. Nieto responded, “Trump is a pinche idiota. Our returns policy is posted all over the crazy wall that he built- what a pendejo.” 

Guatemalan President, Alejandro Maldonado, tried to calm things down when he tweeted, “LOL Enrique… but seriously there must be something you can do for Trump….”

The Mexican President responded, “You are right Alejandro… No refunds allowed, but I will offer a Trump a 1 to 1 Mexican exchange or he can have a gift card for 400,000 Syrian refugees, his choice……..”

Said Trump, “If that is the case, I will just put them on eBay.”



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