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News Flash: Trump To Be Lead Announcer For Remainder Of Royals-Blue Jays Series.


At a press conference today in New York, Fox Sport’s CEO David Hill said that Donald Trump will be the lead announcer for all remaining American League Championship Series baseball games.

Said Hill, “With two small market teams playing, we feel that we had to do something to get a ratings boost for our advertisers.”

When asked if he felt Trump was knowledgeable enough for the job, Hill responded, “Donald assured me that he knows as much about baseball as he does foreign policy.”

In Toronto today, Mr. Trump indicated that, while excited about the project, he does have some concerns. “First, what kind of moron would allow a Canadian team into the league. That country is so low energy.”

He continued, “I also walked through the outfield today.  They call that a wall?”

Asked what he thought about the series, Trump said,  “I just looked at the rosters and while I cherish Latinos, both teams have way too many of them.”

Trump went on,  “When I am President, I will make sure that Americans get these jobs. At eleven million dollars a year, I think I can find one of our own who can play right field.”

The Bush camp is rumored to be furious, but a senior spokesman for the campaign said, “All is not lost. We are close to inking a deal that has Jeb hosting the halftime show for ESPN’s Spanish language broadcast of Saturday’s Columbia-Yale football game.”

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  1. Bernie Sanders just announced that he will be the play by play announcer for the Met-Cubs series.

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