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Newsflash: Details Emerge Of Upcoming Biden-Trump Debate

CNN announced today that both the Biden and Trump campaigns have accepted an invitation to debate on June 27th at 3PM Eastern Time.

Michael Whatley, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, said, “Just as our fearless leader agreed to testify at all his trials, President Trump is eager to show up in Cleveland on June 28th.”

When it was pointed out to Whatley that the debate is scheduled to take place in Atlanta on June 27th, The RNC chair responded, “Trump has already bought non-refundable tickets and we are not sure that the Delta representative has the authority to make any changes.”

As for Trump himself, he turned to Truth Social where he posted, “I agreed to take on Sleepy Joe Biden but only if Vince McMahon is the moderator.”

When we reached out to Mr. McMahon for comment, The Chairman of the World Wrestling Federation said, “Hell yeah, this will be a steel-cage debate format. It will be Trump and the Proud Boys versus Biden and a Guatemalan caravan.”

Meanwhile, at a press conference this morning at Gold’s Gym in Wilmington Delaware, President Biden’s Press Secretary commented, “Joe said that he would debate Trump anytime and anywhere.” She continued, “Although we did need to clarify with the RNC that we define anytime as when our President is sharp- so between 10am and noon and then again from 3pm to 4pm.”

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