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Republicans Blame Biden For The Eclipse

Speaking at a rally in Grand Rapids Michigan yesterday morning, Donald Trump took aim at the Biden Administration over its role in the Solar Eclipse. Said Trump, “Leave it to sleepy Joe to allow something that big and dark to cross our southern border.”

He went on, “Under a Trump administration, we would have built a big, beautiful wall high enough to stop it.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter to comment on the situation. “It’s like that Greek Horse thing. Obviously, Biden filled the moon with hundreds of thousands of illegals before welcoming it across the border.” She added, “If I were in charge, Jewish space lasers would have blasted it back to Honduras.”

On her daily radio show, Fox host Laura Ingraham chimed in, “Isn’t it curious that the so-called Eclipse is happening during an election year.” She went on, “I wouldn’t put it past the liberal elites to let the moon vote without an ID.”

Later in the day, thousands of Trump supporters suffered serious eye injuries at an eclipse viewing event in Texarkana Texas. The former President led off the festivities, giving the raucous crowd his views on Eclipse safety. “Many, many experts have told me that these weird little glasses are dangerous. I call them Fauci hoax glasses, and I say take them off, open your eyes wide and look up at that bright beautiful sun.”

Before boarding his plane back to Mar-a-Lago, Trump was asked by CNN if he was concerned about what had happened to his supporters. Trump responded, “It’s really no big deal. Their vision will come back, all that’s needed is a few drops of bleach in each eye.”

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  1. Definitely the bleach drops will take care of the burn retina of his supporters. Meanwhile in Capitol Hill they are wondering if the eclipsed sent by Maduro and named el Tren de Aragua along with Leito should be able to increase blue states squatters rights if they did not contribute already

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