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Weekend Contest: Big Beautiful Prizes

After the 34 indictments, some are celebrating that no one is above the law, while others are certain that this is another example of the Biden-backed, Deep-State.

In order to commemorate the momentous event, we thought it would be a good idea to have a contest.

So, what are the rules you may ask?

1- You get an entry if you post a comment below. Your comment should answer the following question- How will Trump spend his first day in prison?

2- OK, let’s get to the good part. Each entry will be placed in a MAGA hat. We will then pick the winning ticket. The winner can choose one of the beautiful prizes listed below. (We couldn’t find Trump steaks and it was just too expensive to fund a scholarship to Trump University)

3- Extra Credit- Ask your friends to subscribe to The Atkin Files- just fill in the box on our homepage

Just in case you think we aren’t fair and balanced

A Trump Dog Collar- As Donald says, “It’s not just for canines.”

Pickleball Paddle: It might be difficult for you to find a 4th

Good luck, and just in case you are questioning our methodology, we have engaged Allen Weisselberg to audit the results.

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8 Responses

  1. Trump’s attorney smuggles in Trump bibles so he can start a prayer group. Beverage of choice will be Trump water.

  2. Brilliant blog. Keep the content coming.
    Oh baby! Trump will brng the paddle and collar into the ladies section of the prison. If he drops his soap in the shower, there will be a full eclipse.

  3. After they shave his one long strand of hair and make him wash his orange face, he’ll likely be offering a Top Secret US government document in exchange for MAGA hijab…. alpha male version, of course.

  4. Will he be able to change the name of Riker’s Island to either Trump Island or Bar a Lago

  5. 7am no exercise.bone spurs
    9am 3 quarter pounder and 2 cokes
    10am/12pm: white supremacist prayer group
    12pm/5pm Truth Social.posting conspiracy theories to sycophants
    5pm to 6pm visiting hour with Tim Scott, Marco Rubio and JD Vance
    6pm/7pm 4 quarter pounders/5 cokes
    7pm/9pm Newsmax
    9pm lights out

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